Bella Vendetta Fine Art
Wild Orchid Attraction Oil

Wild Orchid Attraction Oil


These limited edition perfume oils are small batch, handcrafted perfume oils mad with alot of love and intention.
They come in these beautiful 5ml glass roller ball bottles with a variety of gradient colors (the one you get will be hand picked by Bella and colors may vary)
The scent is Wild orchid. Sensual, not too sweet, with a hint of musky undertone. These bottles have been charged under the full blood moon, meditated over and infused with rose quartz gemstone essence.
The scent makes people want to get closer to you and is meant to be irresistible. A great perfume for sugar babes or dancers. This attraction oil will drive folks wild.

Holiday perfume oils
$20.00 - $50.00 — Coming soon
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